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Sue Coppola has been a professional police K9 trainer & explosive detection dog handler, a German Shepherd breeder, a horse owner, and has had a life long love affair with all 4 leggeds. As a professional pet & animal photographer, her years of reading animal behavior give her the unique ability to "CAPTURE YOUR ANIMAL'S ESSENCE" .
Having an eye for capturing that special expression that defines your pets personality is invaluable as an animal photographer and Sue has it! Connecting with your pet emotionally and feeling the love between you and your pet is what makes this such a special experience.
Sue's pet photography is organic in nature, using your pets natural behaviors and surroundings to illicit that, "Perfect shot". Photo shoots take place at your home, favorite park, trail or barn, where you and your pet are comfortable and can have fun!
Sue has been involved with all types of working dogs and has a special interest in photographing K9 units, schutzhund dogs and various other dog sport and horse activities. Sadly, our beloved pets and working partners are with us for a relatively short time, why not honor their lives with professional photographs that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.


Recently, Sirius Photography has expanded to include child photography.

Sue Coppola's Lifestyle photography captures your child's organic, authentic moments in time. Playing, laughing…loving just being a kid ~
We come to you, your home, favorite park, sport area, where ever you and your children can have fun and enjoy life.
The photo shoot is very laid back and candid. Genuine expressions, natural lighting, the real deal
We are located in upper Montgomery County, Maryland We are located in upper Montgomery County, Maryland.


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